We are pleased to welcome our new Artifacts & Exhibits Manager – as you can see we’ve changed the name of the position in order to reflect everything that Heidi actually did and that her successor Caroline Whyler will be doing.

Caroline comes to us from the California State Capitol Museum, which is part of the much larger California Department of Parks and Recreation.

Caroline is a native of Willows, where her family farms property they have owned since the early 1900’s. She has a BA in History from UC Davis, and two Masters Degrees from California State University, Sacramento, in History and Public History.

Caroline makes her home in Sacramento and plans to commute to Vacaville. She most likely has many interests we will come to know about, but her primary hobby is riding and competing in an event called Reined Cow Horse. We know this because when called for her preliminary phone interview we caught her on horseback on her day off. Being interviewed on horseback and interviewing someone who was on horseback was a first all the way around.

Caroline is very enthusiastic about joining us at the Vacaville Museum and eager to work with Heidi on what will be her first exhibit, opening in May.

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