Originally, in 1996, I was just filling in for the curator, Sabine Goerke-Shrode, while she finished her masters degree. It turned out I could offer expertise that was different from hers, so then-Director Ruth Begell worked it out to keep me on staff. I’ve been here ever since, helping mount 40 exhibits and art shows – thank you Shirley Moehrke!- researching, answering questions, maintaining the building and grounds – thank you Jack and Jeri Inman! – setting up the collections computer program, and inputting over 32,000 catalog records – thank you Carol Wilcox!

The support of the museum guild has made my job possible, and I thank all of you for your care and hard work, your steadfast support, and all the fun.

I especially thank you for being with me the times we were without a director. We have depended on you to help maintain our museum standards to the public – even if you didn’t understand or agree with them! – and that has helped the museum uphold its reputation in both the local community and the broader museum community. Just recently, a representative from the UCD Archives said we were the best small museum archive he’d seen in California. Yay us!

I hope to continue after retirement as a volunteer, doing the parts of the job I love best – cataloging and caring for the collections. See you at the museum events!

Heidi Casebolt

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