Meet the Team 

Sarah Olsen (She/Her)

Executive Director

Kaitlyn Scott Moxon (She/Her)

Artifact and Exhibits Manager

Athena Colozza (She/They)


Sarah first began at the Museum as a volunteer after relocating to California from Connecticut and was looking for ways to become involved in her new community. In October of 2022, Sarah took over as the Executive Director with the goal to move the Museum into a place of community, where weekly events happen related to Solano County. Sarah received her undergraduate in Arts Administration in 2011 from William Smith College, before graduating with her Masters from New York University in 2016. Sarah has a passion for fundraising to promote community and has worked on numerous initiatives, such as mental health awareness and programming for individuals on the autism spectrum. Sarah loves history, and travels frequently with her fiance and dog, Iso.

Kaitlyn Scott Moxon stepped into the role of the museum’s Artifacts and Exhibits Manager in January of 2023. She believes in the importance of everyday, local history and its power to shape our modern community and perspective. Kaitlyn’s education and professional background is in museum work and she has served in curatorial positions for the past 8 years, where she enjoys creating unique and interactive exhibits and caring for collections. Her passion for history began as a child while visiting museums all over the United States with her family and watching movies like Indiana Jones. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling with her husband and relaxing with their two cats and dog.

Athena is local to Solano County, having been born in Vallejo, raised in Fairfield, and living in Vacaville for the past 10 years. They began as a volunteer while finishing their degree in Exhibit Design and minor in Art History at University of California, Davis. They were hired as administrator in March of 2023 and have assumed duties involving designing graphics and marketing for the museum and correspondence, and helping in the day to day administrative work. Athena is passionate about history and human centered design. They believe working with the community is an integral part of what a museum is, and are excited to continue cultivating that for the museum. They are on the neurodivergent spectrum and part of the LGBTQIA+ community and especially hope to pursue further engagement with those communities in the near future.

Vacaville Museum Board of Trustees

(effective 12/13/2022)

Robert Fracchia, President

Deanna Mott, Vice President

Lara Penny, Secretary

Scott Lewis, Treasurer

Jean Cox, Past President

Cameron Cecil

Wanda Cook

Debbie Egidio

Brooke Fox

Sherri McBride

Dipak “Dee” Patel

Bill Seiden

Catherine Cherry, Guild President

John Carli, Mayor