The Museum

Vacaville Museum’s Mission

Our mission is to build community through shared history. We do this by preserving and celebrating the unique history and culture of Solano County.


The Vacaville Museum was incorporated in 1981 and its inaugural exhibition opened to the public in May 1984. The purpose of the Vacaville Museum is to collect and preserve artifacts relating directly to the history of Solano County and to promote an awareness and understanding of county history and culture by offering interpretive exhibits and associated programs.

Since its opening, the museum has produced, with the assistance of volunteers and guest experts, exhibits that interpret different aspects of Solano County life.

Past exhibits have included: The Solano Water Series; Childhood Memories; Spanish Voices; From Rising Sun to Golden Hills: The Japanese American Experience in Solano County; Willis Jepson, A Personal Landscape; and One Hundred Years of Homes and Gardens; Nut Tree Remembered; Harbison Legacy; Solano’s Gold, the People and Their Orchards; Telling Our Story, Solano at 150 years; SOLe ItaliANO, the Italian roots of Solano County and the Nut Tree Centennial.

Electronic news blasts, a quarterly member newsletter, and exhibit related programs keep museum members involved and informed. The Vacaville Museum Guild coordinates fundraisers (including an annual Children’s party and home and garden tours) which contribute to the annual fundraising budgeted goal.

The Vacaville Museum is the only museum with a mission to interpret the history of all of Solano County. Because of the scope of our mission we foster continuing contacts with and aid other county historical agencies and museums as much as possible. Due to our multidisciplinary approach to interpreting history, the museum has forged alliances with local artists and arts organizations, the Jepson Herbarium, the Holt Atherton Center, Solano County Water District, the City of Vacaville, the San Francisco Art Institute, Solano County Board of Education, Solano County Arts Council and other community organizations.

The Vacaville Museum primarily serves the population of Solano County. However, because some of the exhibits and programs have a wider appeal – notably the exhibits on Berryessa Valley, Willis Jepson, and the Nut Tree – the Museum attracts visitors from throughout California.


The collections and library are available to the community for research purposes.

Vacaville Museum Board of Trustees 2021

Effective Dec. 14, 2021

Jean C. Cox, President
Robert Fracchia, Vice President
Jill Blechschmidt, Treasurer & Past President
Lara Penny, Secretary
Cameron Cecil
Debbie Egidio
Brooke Fox
Cara Fox
Terry Keane, Guild President
Sherri Mc Bride
Deanna Mott
Randy Nelson
Anne Ribeiro
Ron Rowlett, Mayor
Damon Tyler


Vacaville Museum Life Members

Alex & Dee Alarcon
Frank & Helen Andrews
(Rick) & Ruth G. Begell
Dennis & Molly Brimhall *
Carol Buck
Heidi Y. Campini &
(Jim Lawrenz)
Kim & Sandra Chandler
Bruce & Marian Chmieleski
Barbara Martell Comfort
(Col. Wm H.) & Jean C. Cox
Layton Damiano
Ennio DePianto
Dave & Bff Fleming
Jay & Donna Fox
Robert & Denise Fracchia


Dale & Norma Garrett
Allan & Denise Haddox *
Jennifer Hamilton
Len & Marge Hartnett
Dr. Lee & Kalo Heldt
Don & Claudia Huffman
Archie& Nina Humphrey
Drs. Ken & Jill Hunter
Will & Sue Jensen
Brett & Mimi Johnson
Martin & Jo Ann Joye
Col. (ret.) Maye Liebeck
Linda l. Liscom & (Ed Power, Jr.)
Frank & Anita Lopez
Dr. Eugene Majerowiez

Bille & Earlene McKee
( Jim) & Annette McKenzie
Joe & Kathy Murdaca
Ron &( Deanna) Myhre
Phil & Jan Nollar
(Paul) Dorothy O’Hara
Rita Onsum
Recology Vacaville Solano *
(Fred) & Marcia Pelser
Dick & Nancy Quinn
Barry & Jill Reynolds*
Barry Rico
Richard & Lisa Rico
Jimmy & Mary Ann Rollison
Dr. Ron & Joan Rushford
(G.Ray) & Audrey Schoch

Brian & Deborah Stevens
John & Diane Thompson*
Donald & Nancy Vasquez
John & Shelli Vasquez
JoAn Wade
Ann Waldman
C. C. & Regina Yin

* Becoming Life Member
( ) Deceased