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Vacaville Museum is a non-profit, community benefit 501(c)(3) institution, IRS#94-2803010. Nearly 40% of our budgeted annual operating income is from gifts, donations, and memberships. Your help sustains our work.

Donating Your Required Minimum Distribution

How Donating Your RMD Works

After a career of contributing to tax deferred 401(k)s and IRAs, income tax is due on that money when you take withdrawals in retirement. Annual withdrawals from traditional retirement accounts are required after age 72, and the penalty for skipping a required minimum distribution is 50 percent of the amount that should have been withdrawn.

If you are in the fortunate position of not needing your distribution for living expenses, you can avoid income tax on your required withdrawal by donating your money directly to a qualifying charity. And retirees do not need to itemize to qualify for this charitable tax break.

Here is how a qualified charitable distribution can be used to help others and reduce your tax bill. Be sure to consult with your finance professional to understand how a qualified charitable distribution can benefit you.

• Meet the QCD requirements.
• Satisfy the required minimum distributions.
• Calculate your QCD tax break.
• Set up a direct transfer to a charity.
• Select a qualifying charity.

Selecting a Qualifying Charity

A charity must be a 501(c)(3) organization to receive tax-free IRA charitable contributions. Many local charities, including the Vacaville Museum, are qualified and meet IRS criteria. You can distribute your required minimum distribution to one or multiple qualifying charities in the same year.

Selecting the Vacaville Museum – Preserving and Celebrating Solano County History

The Vacaville Museum, a Center for Solano County history and culture, is the only organization whose mission includes cultural and historical preservation for all of Solano County. Through exhibits, publications and educational programs, the Museum continously promotes the value of community heritage. Donations to the Vacaville Museum help to support:

• The preservation and celebration of the rich and diverse history of Solano County
• Community events and projects produced by the Museum
• The creation of dynamic exhibits that display and interpret fascinating themes of local history, art, and culture
• Inspirational activities for children that foster a love of history and the arts.
• A unique attraction for visitors to Solano County
• An enriching source for community connection

For More Information about Donating to the Vacaville Museum

We are happy to speak with you and provide more information about the Vacaville Museum and our work to enrich Solano County through historical preservation and interpretation. We can even arrange a private tour of our gallery and archive room. Please call us at (707)447-4513, we’d love to meet you. 

For detail on the benefits of donating a required minimum distribution to a charity such as the Vacaville Museum, please consult with your financial professional.

We thank Valley Strong Credit Union for committing to being a yearly supporter!

Artifact Donations

The Vacaville Museum welcomes donations of artifacts and artworks. Objects and artwork must fulfill our mission to collect, preserve and interpret Solano County History.