Dixon: Images of America

The charming town of Dixon lies on the pastoral plains of Solano County. Its history stretches back to the 1850s and a settlement called Silveyville, where Elijah Silvey guided in pony express riders and stagecoaches with a red lantern swung from the porch of his hotel. When the California Pacific Railroad bypassed their young town to build a depot on Thomas Dickson’s ranch, the citizens of Silveyville opted to move their buildings four miles to the station on log rollers pulled by the town’s mule teams and able bodied men. Legend has it that the first train schedule misspelled Dickson ranch as Dixon, and a new town was born.

The Dixon Women’s Improvement Club combined the best images from the Dixon library and private collections to create this an entertaining and humorous journey through Dixon’s past.

Author: Dixon Women’s Club
Publication date: 2005

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