Solano’s Gold – The People and Their Orchards

Early pioneers, disillusioned in their dreams of finding easy wealth in the mines, soon realized that California’s true fields of gold lay in its hills and valleys. Abundant lands with fertile soil and a friendly climate offered opportunities for enterprising immigrants who settled in this area. For nearly 150 years, Solano County orchards would produce a bounty sought across the country and around the world.

The story of the orchards is best told by the people who planted, nurtured and harvested them. This publication chronicles their reflections on the practices, growth and changes within the industry as they have witnessed it over the years. Some of those interviewed had family memories reaching back to the early years of the orchard industry in Solano County.

Author: Kristin Delaplane in collaboration with Sabine Georke-Shrode
Publication date: 1999

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